Founded in California, the NYC-based JanetMedinaNYC brand is a combination of sexy, spiritual , and elegant designs with healing crystals and bold unique silhouettes. With a growing reputation in the fashion industry, we have proudly graced the runways of both New York and London Fashion Week, setting new standards in the industry.


The history of crystals traces back several millennia. Healing crystals are believed to have individual qualities which affect the human body’s vibration, electrical charge, and functionality. The brand’s unique designs are hand embroidered with various stones that not only elevate the silhouettes but process unique healing qualities for its wearer. 


Janet Medina, the visionary behind JanetMedinaNYC, has a remarkable personal journey that has shaped her artistic perspective. Growing up in a violent household, she faced numerous challenges and eventually ran away at a young age. Throughout her life, Janet always had a deep love for fashion and admired renowned designers like Ulyanna Sergeenko and Christian Dior. As she embarked on her path as an adult, she discovered a profound connection with spirituality and healing stones. Combining her passion for fashion and spirituality, Janet developed a unique handmade embroidery technique to incorporate healing crystals into her designs. Now, in her early 30s, she aims to not only establish her brand but also contribute to important causes focused on child abuse and mental health, using her platform to make a positive impact.